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IRIX 11mm Blackstone Canon EF Canon EF

Forsiden Kamera Kameratilbehør IRIX 11mm Blackstone Canon EF Canon EF
IRIX 11mm Blackstone Canon EF Canon EF (IL-11BS-EF)
IRIX 11mm Blackstone Canon EF Canon EF (IL-11BS-EF)
IRIX 11mm Blackstone Canon EF Canon EF (IL-11BS-EF)
IRIX 11mm Blackstone Canon EF Canon EF (IL-11BS-EF)
IRIX 11mm Blackstone Canon EF Canon EF (IL-11BS-EF)
IRIX 11mm Blackstone Canon EF Canon EF (IL-11BS-EF)

IRIX 11mm Blackstone Canon EF Canon EF

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designed by photographers

a minimal distortion wide angle lens - unique in its class
Our 11mm lens is an extremely wide Full Frame rectilinear lens with a 126° angle of view. 4 high refractive lenses, 2 ED lenses and 3 aspherical lenses guarantee minimal distortion, as low as 3.13%, making our 11mm f/4.0 lens absolutely unique in its class.

a lightweight option with no optical compromises
Our Firefly lens offers the same optical performance and high quality mechanism as our Blackstone, but its ultra lightweight construction makes it the perfect choice for hikers, travellers, or anyone who simply likes to pack light. The ergonomic, anti-slip, rubber coated focus ring makes for a practical, user-friendly lens. This lightweight option is ideal for on the go photography, without any compromise on optical quality.

innovative technology encased in a smart design
Torn between smart technology and a classical design? With our Irix Blackstone 11mm f/4 lens, you can have both. We have matched timeless design decisions with maximum functionality to offer you the perfect piece of durable technology. The solid aluminium and magnesium body ensures foolproof lens protection, even in the most extreme situations. Easy operation is achieved in all lighting conditions thanks to our engraved fluorescent markings, just one of our many ingenious, photographer-friendly developments.

extreme weather resistance
We know how important it is to protect your gear. Our Irix lenses are made with phenomenal precision. Each Irix lens is equipped with a weather sealed construction which protects the interior against dust and moisture. Thanks to inner seals, our lenses are also protected from accidental water splashes. No matter the journey, you can be confident that our weather sealed lenses will offer you maximum resistance to the extremes."

- HOUSING MATERIAL: aluminium-magnesium alloy, premium finish
- HOUSING OUTER FINISH: anti-scratch
- FOCUS RING MATERIAL: all-metal anodized ring with grooved surface
- MARKINGS: engraved
- MARKINGS PAINT: UV light reactive paint

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